Go download the new 4D VIEWR V.2 App right now:


Epic New Features in 4D VIEWR V.2 App :


New 2D/4D Menu: (tap on 4D VIEWR logo to this menu toggle on/off)

  • Live Weather Reports

  • New 2D Maps Section

  • Daily Horoscope

  • Snow Report (Ski Resorts & Snow Info)

  • Sk8 Tv (24/7 Live Stream)

  • Surf Report

  • 2D-Games Section (curated list of epic 2D Mobile Games)

  • 2D Web Search Engine (DuckDuckGo.com)

  • T.H.I. Site Map info

  • Social Media + Donate Links

  • Hot Links to Our T.H.I. 4D VIEWR Products

  • and a lot more other stuff…

New 4D Scene Features: (New App Capabilities)

  • 4D VIEWR platform now available on the latest Android Devices

  • Daily Content Updates / Scene Swaps

  • Live 4D Date / Time Info

  • Live Countdown Info for Events

  • 4D Maze Games

and also…

New Product Launches announced with 4D VIEWR APP V.2:

  • The Holographic Internet

  • Holographic Skate Coasters

  • Holographic Snow Coasters

  • Holographic Surf Coasters