4D VIEWR is the world’s most premium holographic internet browser.

We are a Los Angeles-based technology company focused on kickstarting a little thing we call the holographic internet.

Using technology everyone has (smartphones and tablets), we created a 4D viewing portal called the “4D VIEWR” app for people around the world to be able to gain instant access into the beautifully chaotic and often mysterious hidden world of augmented reality.

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Hover your smartphone/ tablet over 4D VIEWR-enhanced images to access the holographic 4D awesomeness.

Be on the look-out for images or products that are “4D VIEWR-enhanced”.


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To get started:
(1) simply DOWNLOAD the “4D VIEWR” app
(2) SCAN a 4D VIEWR-enhanced image
(we have some located in the 4D MEDIA section)

*Tip: Make sure lighting conditions aren’t too dark or too bright. (Watch out for heavy glare)

**Tip: Make sure your internet connection is working well. (experience may vary depending on your connection)

***Tip: You can scan one device to another device (like an iPhone to an iPad)
(we call that “DEVICE-2-DEVICE” [[Click here for more info]].)

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Media Kit:


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Contact us:

email: 4dviewr@gmail.com

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Mailing Address:

7190 West Sunset Blvd #264
Los Angeles, CA 90046

4D VIEWR Production Office (Santa Monica, CA):