4D VIEWR is the world’s most premium holographic internet browser.

We are a technology company focused on kickstarting a little thing we call the holographic internet.

Using technology everyone has (smartphones and tablets), we created a 4D viewing portal called the “4D VIEWR” app for people around the world to be able to gain instant access into the beautifully chaotic, hidden world of augmented reality.

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Hover your smartphone/ tablet over 4D VIEWR-enhanced images to access the holographic scenes.

Download the 4D VIEWR app and scan this image.

Be on the look-out for images or products that are “4D VIEWR-enhanced”.


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To get started:
(1) simply DOWNLOAD the “4D VIEWR” app
(2) SCAN a 4D VIEWR-enhanced image
(we have some free scannable images – located in the 4D MEDIA section)

(3) Tap on Buttons to do things (4D Scene switch, links, video skips, etc…)

*Tip: Make sure lighting conditions aren’t too dark or too bright. (Watch out for heavy glare)

**Tip: Make sure your internet connection is working well. (experience may vary depending on your connection)

***Tip: You can scan one device to another device (like an iPhone to an iPad)
(we call that “DEVICE-2-DEVICE” [[Click here for more info]].)

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Contact info:

email: 4dviewr@gmail.com