4D VIEWR?  What is it?

4D VIEWR is a holographic internet browser app for your smartphone, tablet as well as augmented reality glasses.

4D VIEWR app is available for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android smartphones/ tablets..

What can I scan with the 4D VIEWR app? 

There are many things to scan with the 4D VIEWR app. To start, you can scan images in the 4D MEDIA page of this website. Those images are to be displayed vertically (parallel to a wall or laptop screen).

Also, you can access an entire library of horizontal 4D MEDIA images to scan via the 4D VIEWR app itself.



To access the horizontal 4D MEDIA library,

  1. open up the 4D VIEWR app on your smartphone or tablet,
  2. tap on the 4D VIEWR logo at the bottom of the screen to access the “MORE MENU”, …and then
  3. press the SCANNABLE 4D MEDIA “HORIZONTAL” button to access the 4D MEDIA super library.
  4. Now scan each one of these digital images with a 2nd device (another smartphone/ tablet running the 4D VIEWR app as your scanner).




How can our company make a 4D VIEWR scene?

You can hire our company, 4D VIEWR (agency) to create a holographic 4D scene for your company/ or product.

Holographic 4D Scenes can be added to physical media (such as flyers/ postcards / stickers, coasters, etc…) in a unique and exciting new way that showcases your stuff in an awesome new augmented way.

For questions/ inquires, contact us at 4dviewr@gmail.com or 323.273.1409


How much does it cost us to commission a 4D VIEWR scene?

Depends on how complicated your scene is. We have many options. 4D Scenes can range from $2k-$22k per scene.

For 4D SCENE CONSTRUCTION pricing packages, go here: 4dviewr.com/packages


I’m in! How long does a 4D VIEWR scene take to construct?

Most 4D Scenes have a 2 week turn around unless there are unique production considerations.


How long will our company/ product’s 4D VIEWR scene be active?

Most 4D Scene construction packages include 12 months of high-speed 4D hosting services in (a $1,200 value). Afterwards, it’s only $99/mo activation/ hosting fee.


What are some good mediums to place our company’s 4D SCENE on?

Great question! Here’s some ideas:
-Post cards / Flyers (*2-sided recommended)
-Catalogs / Pamphlets
-Coasters (*neoprene recommended)
-Mouse pads / Mini mouse pads
-Stickers / Decals
-Product Packaging


Can 4D VIEWR handle printing for our company?

Yes. 4D VIEWR (agency) can print out 1-sided flyers, 2-sided flyers, and neoprene coasters.

for printing prices, go here: 4dviewr.com/printing-prices