4D VIEWR?  What is it?

4D VIEWR is a holographic internet browser app for your smartphone, tablet as well as augmented reality glasses.

4D VIEWR app is available for iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android smartphones/ tablets..

I don’t have a 4D VIEWR product, can I still scan something with the VIEWR app? 

Yeah, scan this…

(the above image is enhanced with holograms)

Links to free scannable media:


Buy epic 4D VIEWR-enhanced products from here:


Also, you can access an entire library of horizontal 4D MEDIA images to scan via the 4D VIEWR app itself.


To access the horizontal 4D MEDIA library,

  1. open up the 4D VIEWR app on your smartphone or tablet,

  2. tap on the 4D VIEWR logo at the bottom of the screen to access the “MORE MENU”, …and then

  3. press the SCANNABLE 4D MEDIA “HORIZONTAL” button to access the 4D MEDIA super library.

  4. Now scan each one of these digital images with a 2nd device (another smartphone/ tablet running the 4D VIEWR app as your scanner).



4D VIEWR (white-label):

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