Want more 4D VIEWR-enhanced media?

No problem. Scan the digital version of the image (displayed on a 2nd mobile device).

1. Download the “4D VIEWR” app on your 1st device (use this one as the viewer)
2. Download the “4D VIEWR” app onto a 2nd device (like an iPad or something)
3. Press the 4D VIEWR logo or the 3 stripes at the bottom right hand side of the app to access all the scannable 4D media. Scan each image individually with the 4D VIEWR app.

—- —- —- —-
Hungry for more Holographic 4D experiences? go get the “FUNN Magazine 4D Viewer” app and scan each page of FUNN Magazine’s digital magazine. (the dig mag in under the MAG icon)