Steps for 4D Scene Construction:

Step 1: GATHER all your elements for the scene.

2D/4D Image/ Buttons: (.png or .jpg)

  • Resolution: 72dpi

Image preparation notes:

  • 2D/4D Image Buttons should be around 200-500 pixels wide
  • 2D/4D Backboard Images should be around 900-1,000 pixels wide
  • Use .png format for cut-out images that have transparency.

Videos: (.mp4)

3D/4D Models: (.fbx or .obj)

  • File formats accepted: (.fbx or .obj)
  • Texture image max size: 2048 x 2048
  • Polygon Limit for models: 100,000 polygons
  • If you have animations, bake them into the .fbx file
  • Also, make sure NRMLS are facing the right way

LINKS: (to websites, onlines stores, video pages, about us section, map, etc…)

  • Gather URL links to webpages you want people to visit like your online store, product sections, etc… and we’ve make
    • (link examples:, , etc…)

—>>> Email the folder with the files and the list of URL links to

note: For large folders/files, we recommend


Step 2: Send us your Trackable (Print Graphic)

Images: (.png or .jpg)
Resolution: 300dpi

Flyer/ Post Card Size:

  • Leave at least 1/4th inch bleed border for text/ important graphics
  • Cut-Size: 5.5″ x 4.25″
  • Bleed Size: 5.75″ x 4.5″
  • Resolution: 300dpi
  • File Format: .pdf (CMYK)

—>>>Email the PDF file to


additional information…


4D VIEWR – B-SIDES (backside of the card) TEMPLATE (.jpg file)
[right-click/’download linked file’ here]

4D VIEWR – B-SIDES (backside of the card) TEMPLATE (.psd file)
[right-click/’download linked file’ here]